The Most Pirated PUA Book Ever….

Recently, it has come to my attention that my landmark PUA book, Outfoxing The Foxes: How To Seduce The Women Of Your Dreams, already among the most pirated works in PUA and internet history, is STILL being pirated, seventeen years after its 1998 debut literally launched the now-infamfous internet pickup artist (PUA) community. Not only was my signature work pirated, it was being sold as part of an 824-book download of other works, under a doctored title, author, and cover art, designed to avoid my detection. Suffice it to say I have already curtailed the piracy and am exploring legal options.

With a week or so to kill before the lawyers start cleaing up all details, I put the time to productive use to write Foxhunting II: MGTOW Is The New PUA, to reflect the new realities of the postgame era. This is a sequel to Foxes, and includes screenshots of each page of the first edition, slightly shrunk, to provide room for commentary from the author (that’s ME). Unlike the pirated copies many of you have stolen or bought, you may now legitimately read my work, as long as you read the copy produced by ME. If you want coaching, you can e-mail me at the address in the text.

If you want to pay thousands of dollars for some “celebrity” PUA guru who was teaching you MY theory, all you’ll do is make some con artist wealthy at the expense of your love life. If, on the other hand, you’d like to see the book that started it all, from its actual author, download it, read it, and discuss it on our forums.

Ray Gordon
November 5, 2015

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