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My name is Ray Gordon. I am not only a "founding" member of the "seduction community," I am the reason it exists! This claim is completely verifiable.

Yes, it's true! In 1998, when the "community" was said to have formed, its "birthplace" was the free-speech environment of USENET. This was great for the era when men truly wanted to "help a brother out," but bad for those who wanted to profit from it. In 1998, I released Outfoxing The Foxes, with a $29.95 cover price, a deep discount from the existing commercial products, which cost hundreds of dollars. The book began selling steadily, and cutting into the revenue of my competition. This was intolerable.

For decades, "gurus" have been preying upon emotion-driven, sex-addicted men for their revenue, by offering "magic bullet" solutions at exhorbitant prices. Thanks to the generosity of the "Class of 1998," for the first time in history, internet marketing experts could back up their marketing hype, by stealing the work of the dozen or so "pickup artists" who were regular contributors to USENET. The problem was, they could not sell their stolen goods at the scene of the crime, so they began migrating to the web. This only solved half the problem, however, since USENET continued to thrive, and men who can get laid with advice that is free, or inexpensive, will not purchase the expensive stuff. This caused the "community" to "unite" against ME, even publicily disparaging me at every turn, while many who did this were using MY ideas to make money and get laid. What was supposed to be a group of "alpha males" had been reduced to a junior-high lockerroom.

If you are at all familiar with the "community," you are probably already using my theory without realizing it. Ever use a pivot? I debuted it in 29 Reasons Not To Be A Nice Guy. Neil Strauss and VH-1 both parroted the term, but neglected to attribute it to me (how nice of them). Other contributions of mine include gimmicks (particularly psychic gimmicks), reverse-timetables, returning fox, one-and-done, the "spontaneous date" (where you invite her along rather than asking her out), and many other ideas my readers are well aware came from me.

When I refused to back down in the face of insults, my haters, often funded by my business competitors, escalated to defamation, outright harassment, and threats, even against my aging mother (who died in 2007). This too is a matter of public record. When even that didn't work, they tried to "blackball" me by censoring my posts on their "moderated boards" (censorship is NOT alpha), where they could market to their "target" audience with "commercial game" designed to exploit its desperation to get laid, and to figure out women. Amazingly, the rank-and-file ignored the censorship, even when doing so meant that what they were reading was no longer marketing, but propaganda, against which all dissent was quashed. The result was a small cartel of "gurus" who cross-promoted each other, traded mailing lists, got media exposure, which made the "methods" all but worthless ("game over"), yet their fame made it possible for them to increase their pricing, to a public with "1998" expectations for a "2009" game that any woman can find on the internet. Then they wonder why no one is releasing new information. The answer is simple:

The audience does not reward quality. It rewards fame.

Internet "fame" came first, but pretty soon, the mainstream media got into the act, made celebrities out of a few gurus, turned them into brand names, and even made names out of "gurus" who were supposedly losers just a short year ago! There is NO WAY a baby guru in his twenties can have the proper life-perspective that comes with age. How many current athletes make good coaches? None! The "retired" player is the one who can look back with a much clearer head. As I like to say:

Middle-age is the point where writing about your past is more exciting than your present.

I have reached that point. If you want to take advice from some twenty-two year-old hotshot who verbally abuses his way into bed with a random bar slut, be my guest. If you want to elevate your game to the level of Manhattan sophistication in which I came of age, read on. I grew up in the halls of power, where "lifestyle game" is played at its highest level.

Over time, the cartel, the media, and the brand-name gurus flooded the market with repetitive products, the the public seems to never lose appetite for. They also sell "personal instruction" at ridiculous prices, designed to teach wealthy men to get laid (as if they need the help). This is actually smart, because once the information spreads to even a few wealthy men, it begins depreciating, particularly if the men are stupid enough to help their rivals ("not brothers") out for free. Pirates share books as if they are sticking it to the "commercial" gurus, but what are they really doing? The same thing as if you paid full price for cable, while your neighbor steals it. You want to be a sucker? You don't deserve a "super-elite hottie."

Many of my haters used to claim I would "present myself as an expert on numerous things." One such thing is horse racing. This is my horse racing website:

Price And Probability

Click through the links and you'll find IRS Forms for the eight jackpots I cashed in a two-week period in January and February 2009, where I turtned $20.00 into $8,000.00+. The money wasn't lost back; I had to stop playing to write THIS book, because it is even more profitable, and I could take the time to finish it properly. Perhaps the haters who told you not to bet my horses can send you $8,000.00, since you may be tempted to listen to internet haters.

Now let me let you in on a secret of the onilne "gurus" and how they get laid:

Student-Funded Game

The gurus use the money you give them, and their status as "gurus," to get the women they tell you to get with material they don't even use themselves! Put another way:

Women want leaders of men,
not followers of some internet guru.

As I never got rich from my previous books, and certainly not enough to run proper student-funded game. Instead, I've been running:

Racetrack-funded game

And, of course, the old-fashioned paycheck-funded game, that most of my readers run. Many "seduction gurus" would be stocking aisles at a grocery store with the sexuall-addicted, easily-conned men who feed them thousands of dollars in desperation.

You may not know this, but most seduction piracy websites are set up by gurus who teach bootcamps, to further starve their competition, since live instruction can't be pirated. The bootcamp gurus themselves allow their own material to be "stolen" because it is actually stealth marketing for their expensive offerings.

Because of piracy, and the other concerns outlined here, I've decided to release all of my incredible new theory only if I get paid in advance. Since the major media has chosen to steal my work, I have no choice but to market it to a single, select individual, an exceptionally wealthy male who understands the value of an information edge, who is smart enough not to listen to gossip or haters, and who does not whine about why he's so special that I should work for free, or too cheap, in the hope that I will one day be rewarded. Now, this type of man can only hope he gets this book before another man is smart enough to beat him to it. Whichever man does buy this book will have an advantage with women unlike any ever seen before, for one year, and lasting beyond that, even as the public learns the "secrets."

To those who say "you should get a book deal," I say "fine, as long as I get a $50,000.00 advance, or more." If you know any publishers, or media outlets, who are ready to acknowledge my place in this "community" and fund its mass distribution (without the advantage of having the only copy), feel free to do this. If you say I should be doing this, I say you should learn to settle for the women you can't even get now, and I should go back to the track.

The days of whining, emotion-driven bullshit are over in these parts. If you want results, you'll get a best effort from one of the most experienced PUAs in the world, and you'll have a one-year exclusive. If the price is too high for you, don't fret: it's the same for everyone. Some men can afford $50,000.00, and I prefer to deal with those men, or none at all. That you can't read this book for less money is not your fault or mine, but the media's, for putting fame, power, and money in the hands of "gurus" who didn't get the job done. If you want to add to their wealth while subtracting from your game, be my guest: the world is full of losers. Maybe if enough of you write to the big media outfits, they'll change their tune, because without this first-copy price, I'm not changing mine. I can just write and sell horse-racing books, or bet my own picks. Simple truth:

You need hot women more than
I need your chump change.

That "community" that you cheered on as it ripped off my work, and silenced all mention of it, has taken your money, made itself rich and famous, used that to take your women, and left you high and dry. That's your fault, not mine, and I won't be paying the price for your problems. I still game the "SHBs" (9 and up), even in middle-age, even overweight, even without "guru wealth."

If I can still get these women, what's your excuse?

Ordering information appears below. For more reasonably priced products, check out our recommendations and sponsors page. We do not endorse any sponsored products, but merely provide them space to get their message out, in return for money.


Ordering Information

We are selling a debut copy of Ray Gordon's new book, Love Conquers Nothing. The price is $50,000.00, nonrefundable. We accept bank wires only for the main payment, but we first require a nonrefundable deposit of $250.00. Upon receipt of the deposit, we will work out a method of payment, after which your book will be delivered. As it is in the final edit, it may be released in two parts, but your one-year exclusive will not begin ticking until the book is finalized and shipped to you. After one year, it will be made available for mass-distribution at a (tentative) price of $24.95.

Imagine how strong your game would have been if you were the only man who knew how to use a pivot! I know this, because, for a decade, I was! The new book contains theory that is well beyond anything you will have ever seen before. If it can keep me in the game, at my age, with my looks, imagine what it can do for you!

Click the payment link below to remit your deposit via paypal, after which we will be in touch. Corporate or media entities are also required to pay the deposit. My days of talking to moochers and freeloaders are done. If you thought I'd be stupid enough to try to win you over by releasing more free theory that would be stolen by the networks, you were wrong.

If you're serious about improving, and can afford the absolute best life has to offer, then treat yourself. If not, have fun with the crowds.

Ray Gordon


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